Monsieur Spade Is A Mixed Baguette

Mlle. Caroline returns for private dickery in the French countryside, plus a King-ly Canon presentation and a Gallic Game Time!

Mon dieu: Dashiell Hammett’s legendary P.I. Sam Spade is back on AMC — and because he’s now noiring it up in the south of France, legendary Gallic guest Mademoiselle Caroline is back to talk about it. Is the limited series too long, or not long enough? How well does star Clive Owen contend with the character’s, and Humphrey Bogart’s, legend? And should we strike until we get the full-frontal outtakes from the swimming scenes? Later, we went Around The Dial with Mr. Bates Vs. The Post Office, So Help Me Todd, and For All Mankind, and Tara tried to paint a pretty picture of a King Of Queens episode for the Canon. Clone High won, Julia lost, and WE may have gotten lost in translation in a French-themed Non-Regulation Game Time. It’s an all-new Extra Hot Great, and c’est magnifique.