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🚨 The User Submission Form has all the fields you need to fill out. Guidelines and tips for each type of submission are below.

Canon + Nonac Guidelines

  • Check if your candidate episode has already been done on the Canon + Nonac list.
  • Please record in a quiet room with windows closed and fans off. Wait 10-15 seconds before you start talking in your record while quiet and still. This let’s us capture “room tone” and helps us clean up the audio if needed.
  • The exercise is NOT to recap the episode but to explain why it is Canon/Nonac worthy. Please don’t spend 80% of your time recapping.
  • Being concise and keeping it in the neighborhood of under eight minutes after clips is always appreciated.
  • We encourage you to use audio clips in your pitch, but unless you absolutely know what the heck you are doing, we’ll do the audio capture based our your time codes. In your submission, just say “clip X here.”
  • For clip times, please put them in the submissions form in this format: Clip 1: 8:32-9:04 “Hello, I am hungry…” to [Slamming of door]

🏆 Ready? Use the Submission Form to send your pitch.

Game Time Guidelines

  • Though it depends on the type of game — we generally aim for 24 to 36 questions plus a tiebreaker.
  • Please submit your game as a Google Sheet when possible.
  • If you have an idea but need help fleshing it out, contact Dave at and he’ll make arrangements to get the @EHGAssist team to help out.
  • You know how Dave is dumb? If you are feeling nice, you could add phonetics for tricky names in your doc.
  • Titles of Game Times are on episodes pages but listener also complied a Google Sheet for reference (thanks Erica!)
  • If you have an idea but want to pass it by Dave first he’s at (You don’t have to though!)

🎲 Ready? Use the Submission Form to send your Game Time.

Other Submission Guidelines

  • Other segments you can contribute to include: I Am Not A Crackpot, Will Dave Hate This, and anything else you want to send our way for the show.
  • Having audio from users is great, but we’ll also accept text for our smaller segments.

🪨 Ready? Use the Submission Form to send your other stuff.

How do I submit a question to #askehg?

You can submit a question in any of these ways:

Still Have Questions?

Ask Dave at