Proposing A Toast To Whiskey Cavalier

Cheer(s) up, Scott Foley: you can still get it! This and other thoughts on ABC's fizzy new spy drama with Vulture's Kathryn VanArendonk, plus a King Of Queens Canon submission and much more!

Does Whiskey Cavalier seem familiar? And is it because ABC is trying to clone Castle again, some more? That’s returning guest Kathryn VanArendonk’s theory, and the regulars are inclined to agree — but we also agree that, although the new spy drama isn’t prestige TV and doesn’t make sense all the time, it’s also pretty good and doesn’t take itself too seriously, and once Lauren Cohan learns how to handle a gun (and stop looking like Countess Luann from RHONYC), it’s got a bright future. After we downed those shots (fired), we went Around The Dial with Desus & Mero, a High Maintenance complaint, The Magicians, Schitt’s Creek, Grace & Frankie, and Taskmaster before personalizing our own The Good Places in an Extra Credit for Erica. Tara accepted a months-old Canon challenge from Dave when she tried to get a King Of Queens episode crowned for the Canon, before a boy-band alliance was declared a Winner, another King (of Pop’s estate) tried to make a Loser out of HBO, and sad songs said TOO much about Game Time. Hide a knife in your boot and get ready for an all-new Extra Hot Great.