Grin And Bearing It With Ted

Problematic bears, gritty mice, transparent TVs and yes, it is Benson.

We’re back from the holidays but there’s one more present to unwrap. It’s from Seth MacFarlane and it’s a Ted prequel series on Peacock. Thanks a bunch. After discussing Ted, we finally pass judgment on the last six episodes worth of Ask Ask EHG answers plus we answer your questions about petty revenge tactics and envisioning a gritty Steamboat Willie TV origin series. We do things navally and medically in Not Quite Winners & Losers Of The Week, Sarah keeps the D.B. Cooper vibes going in 15 Seconds Of Fame, and Kim Reed is back with her slightly delayed pick for the most awesome thing she saw on TV in December. We wrap it all up with an Extra Credit look at the stars of Dallas, Benson, WKRP In Cincinnati and something called Angie facing off on Family Feud for charity. Name the podcast that brings you all this and more. Top one answer is on the board.

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