Extra Hot Great Christmas Cheer

We hold the myrrh.

We are off this week but we bring you three great presents in the form of three Extra Extra Hot Great episodes from the club vault.

EEHG 212: Christmastalgia

Sequels to The Santa Clause and A Christmas Story have come to TV this week, so we’re sharing the holiday programming of yesteryear we want to see reimagined for TV, and how.

EEHG 216: Tara Forces Everyone To Watch A Compilation Of TV Commercials From December 1992

What ads were ABC viewers subjected to during an airing of the Olsen twins-starring TV movie To Grandmother’s House We Go? Thanks to YouTube, we know, and we’re going to talk about them.

EEHG 219: Sarah Forces Everyone To Watch The French Chef S02.E04: Bringing In The New Year!

We’d just been talking about Snack vs. ChefΒ with Adam on the main podcast, so we were glad he could join us for a look waaaay back at the grandmama of cooking shows, The French Chef. In this episode, filmed in black and white and aired at the end of 1963, Julia Child rants about crappy kitchenware, coughs on stuff, grosses us out with canned ham…but is her usual welcoming, soothing self, full of practical tips for last-minute appetizers (and trying valiantly not to swear on camera). Join us for a fond reminiscence about monoculture public television and midcentury decor, and Happy New Year!


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  • Lead Topic πŸ€‘ December 6, 1992 Commercials
  • Lead Topic πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ³ The French Chef S02.E04: Bringing In The New Year!