Yes, Virginia, There Were A Lot Of Memorable Commercials In December 1993!

We're getting in our time machine and going back 30 years.

We can probably all agree on the toxicity of consumer culture surrounding the wintertime gift-giving holidays. That said: we just can’t quit vintage TV commercials, and for this special episode, we’re looking backwards at a compilation of ads from 30 years ago this month. Ask EHG has us pondering everything from terrible TV-inspired Ren Faire costumes to movies that cannot survive being edited to network-TV standards. Since we’re taping this well before it drops, we’re swapping our usual Not Quite Winners And Losers Of The Week for three Top 10 lists. And finally, we’re staying in 1993 to power-rank every cast member from NYPD Blue‘s premiere season. Put down those entertaining Lego products and join us!

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  • Lead Topic 💸 35 Minutes Of December 1993 Commercials
  • Ask EHG 🙋🏼‍♀️ Ruining Ren Faires Through Television
  • Winner & Loser 🤩 The Top 10 TV Stars Born In 1993
  • Winner & Loser 🅱️ The Top 10 Instances Of TV Alliteration
  • Extra Credit 👮🏻‍♂️ Power-Ranking The Cast Of NYPD Blue's Début Season
  • Mini 🚂 Ticket To Ride Your Sister
  • Other Tags Belascoarán, PI Borderliner Doctor Who Intercept NYPD Blue The Simpsons Trapped