Extra Credit Bonanza

You've earned Extra Credits. We're letting a BUNCH of you cash them in.

Time was, the Extra Credit segment regularly appeared in the main episode. But with the expansion of the Patreon-exclusive Friday bonus episode, a lot of them snuck over there. We also just fell behind. So we’re catching up: in this very special episode, we’re addressing not one, not two, but NINE Extra Credit submissions with answers as considered as they are ridiculous. Cha-ching!


  • Extra Credit 🎣 Hook Line And Sinker
  • Extra Credit 😮‍💨 Creative Compromise
  • Extra Credit 🏺 Historical Absurdity
  • Extra Credit 🫥 Insert Yourselves
  • Extra Credit 🗺️ Keoghan's Heroes
  • Extra Credit 🔪 New Benedict Arnolds
  • Extra Credit ✍🏻 Initial Similarities
  • Extra Credit 👵🏻 Everything Old Is Old Again
  • Extra Credit 🟤 Great TV Bezoars
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