Getting Forcened To Watch Legends Of Tomorrow...Today!

Full disclosure: this is a pre-tape, so we actually watched this on a yesterday.

Tim entered the Forcening Pool to try to make us watch the “Beebo The God Of War” episode of Legends Of Tomorrow, and since this month it’s Dave’s turn to draw, we’re reckoning with this fuzzy blue fellow and his unexpected effect on history! This week, your questions touch on subjects including exactly when vacations start and end, and which Sesame Street resident we’d choose to spend a day hanging out with. Since this is a pre-tape (happy birthday, Sarah!), we’re switching out Not Quite Winners and Losers for Not Quite Top 11 lists — sounds a lot like Starfleet in here! Then, we collect four listeners into our own superhero squad, and use all their “create a new show” prompts to fill out several networks’ worth of primetime lineups about national parks, videogames, and more. Take a break from worshipping a talking toy you don’t quite understand and listen in!

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  • Forcening Pool 🗓️ Legends Of Tomorrow S03.E09: Beebo The God Of War
  • Ask EHG 🙋🏼‍♀️ Tributes and vacations
  • Not Quite Top 11 🔊 Star Trek: TOS Sound Effects That Make Star Trek: TOS Star Trek: TOS Quiz
  • Not Quite Top 11 📍 Other TV Notables From Sarah's Hometown
  • Not Quite Top 11 🗣️ 30 Rock Coinages
  • Extra Credit 🛗 Fill The Schedule
  • Other Tags 30 Rock Sesame Street Star Trek Teen Mom OG The X-Files