Should You Make Elsbeth Your Co-Counsel?

Adam Grosswirth is back for the latest show from the Good Wife-verse, plus an ST: TNG Canon pitch and a timely Game Time!

The Good [X]-verse returns to network television with Elsbeth, a procedural starring Carrie Preston’s capital-Q Quirky Elsbeth Tascioni — and Adam Grosswirth returns to EHG to talk about how the show is trying to have it both ways with the character’s historical anti-establishment attitude; whether these creators should have moved this set of shows’ universe off of streaming; and what exactly is in all those massive tote bags. We went Around The Dial with Love Is Blind‘s sixth season, So You Think You Can Dance‘s surprise return, and Sarah’s belated finishing of The Good Fight, and then we threw Tubi’s tortured new brand identity into the ring of Will Dave Hate This?. Wendy told us about Tasha Yar in her Canon pitch for a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode before Netflix won, Paramount+ lost, and we confronted time rifts of our own during Game Time. Diaphragms, double spaces, and thee: it’s an all-new Extra Hot Great!