Quentin Tarantino Has A Bloody Good Time Directing ER

Auteur touches, fart noises, and the tyranny of the crappy lawn chair.

Once upon a time…on Extra Extra Hot Great, we kicked off another “Three Of These” miniseries: Quentin Tarantino on television. Contemplating QT’s TV projects from the last three decades (!) in chronological order, we start with a first-season episode of ER, “Motherhood,” aka “the one where Little Susie is born, Benton’s mother dies, and Kathy Griffin’s scout troop litters the ER with air biscuits.” We’re also discussing realistic set design; how gory the average trauma was on the show compared to a gnarly Tarantino-film sequence; whether we’re supposed to sympathize with Doug Ross’s petulant f-boi nonsense; and how ’70s kids survived a single summer under the available beach chairs’ pointy, scrapey reign of terror. Foot-fetish-cam, Yosemite Sam, and much more — grab a bag of O-neg and listen now.

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  • Lead Topic 🏥 ER S01.E24: Motherhood