Dry January Forcenings

There's a new old lady in town and she's gettin' kidnapped! Is this a good use of your time? Ancient astronaut theorists say: yes.

We are off this week due to a family emergency but we bring you a couple choice cuts from the EHG Club archive.

EEHG 223: Tara Forces Dave To Watch Alice S06.E10: The Wild One

Remember the 70s and 80s when our greatest collective fear was that bikers would just grab a waitress from a diner and make her join their gang?

EEHG 216: Dave Forces Tara To Watch Ancient Aliens S13.E05: The Desert Codes

We close out our “Dry January” Forcening miniseries with Dave’s imposition on Tara: an episode of Ancient Aliens all about how desert geoglyphs were probably definitely designed by aliens as a way for humans to communicate with them. “Why?” Shut up, that’s why!