Should You Revere Praise Petey?

Nadia Chaudhury returns to discuss Freeform's first adult animation show!

Ex-SNL head writer Anna Drezen teamed up with King Of The Hill co-creators Greg Daniels and Mike Judge on Praise Petey, the story of a New York girl boss taking over her late father’s doomsday cult; we tell you whether it’s…well, doomed. Around The Dial takes us through the re-re-revived Futurama, the spinoff XO, Kitty, and the true crime miniseries Myth Of The Zodiac Killer. Mlle. Caroline presents the Abbott Elementary episode “Candy Zombies” for induction into The Canon. Then, after naming the week’s Winner and Loser, it’s on to a Game Time we can really sink our teeth into. Take a break from preparing a beloved character actor for human sacrifice and join us!