Running Over Twisted Metal

Does Peacock's latest videogame adaptation grind our gears?

Peacock made a splash (literally) in its first year with a game show adaptation of Frogger, but expectations are a lot higher in the post-Last Of Us media environment. How does its new action comedy Twisted Metal measure up? We tell you everything you need to know! After celebrating the latest Ask Ask EHG sticker winner, we move on to your latest Ask EHG questions on topics ranging from Gloria Estefan’s TV theme song work to Dave’s sleep patterns. Then, after naming all the week’s Not Quite Winners And Losers, we close out with an Extra Credit topic commemorating some of the worst TV series titles ever. Gas up your jalopy and get into it!

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  • Lead Topic 🤡 Twisted Metal
  • Ask EHG 🙋🏼‍♀️ Sound Machines
  • Winner & Loser 👍 Bob Odenkirk
  • Winner & Loser 👎 Max & Jackson Publick
  • Winner & Loser 👍 The Animation Guild
  • Winner & Loser 👎 Danny Masterson
  • Winner & Loser 👍 When Calls The Heart
  • Winner & Loser 👎 Los Angeles Area Emmys
  • 15s Of Fame 🕒 Justice For Redacted
  • Extra Credit 🗯️ Go On, Goon
  • Other Tags That '70s Show The Venture Bros.