Should You Hang With The Full Monty?

Vanity Fair's Maureen Ryan helps us measure the sequel, plus a Reservation Dogs Canon entry and more!

More than a quarter century after The Full Monty unexpectedly charmed movie audiences, the boys are back for a limited-series TV sequel — and not everyone on the panel is as charmed by Round 2. Mo Ryan returns to the guest chair to talk about unmitigated in “dramedies,” whether TFM: The TV Show started as a feature-length sequel, and the correct amount of onscreen nudity. We went Around The Dial with Never Have I Ever, I, Tina, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds before Tara hoped a second-season episode of Reservation Dogs would get adopted into the Canon. Bill Hader won, The Crowded Room lost, and Game Time had us scouring the index of Mo’s book. Grab a bag of chips and run: it’s an all-new Extra Hot Great!