Celebrating The Return Of Party Down

Mark Lisanti returns to talk about the third season of the beloved cater-com!

If you’ve been waiting since Party Down‘s S02 finale in 2010 for your pink-bowtied friends to come back into your life: good news! S03 premiered on Starz last week, and Mark Lisanti has come back to discuss it with us. Around The Dial takes us through The Consultant, Harrison Ford’s new TV career, a selection of highlights from Peacock, Yellowjackets, and a horrifying ad for the home repair app Thumbtack. We answer Suley’s challenge to create a Downton Abbey spinoff concept in which Lord Grantham loses the family estate on a poor investment. Tara pitches the Wellington Paranormal episode “The Coolening” for submission into The Canon. Then we name the week’s Winner and Loser and move on to the male half of last week’s Re-Role Playing Game. Grab a snack from a passing tray and join us: we ARE having fun yet!



  • Lead Topic 🍾 Party Down
  • Around The Dial 🤝 The Consultant
  • Around The Dial 😠 Harrison Fording
  • Around The Dial 🐝 Yellowjackets
  • Around The Dial 📌 Thumbtack Ad
  • Extra Credit 👵🏻 Dowager Dynasty
  • The Canon 🥝 Wellington Paranormal S04.E03: The Coolening
  • Winner & Loser 👍 It
  • Winner & Loser 👎 Brian Austin Green
  • Game Time 🎭 Re-Role Playing Game: Actor Edition
  • Other Tags 1883 Shrinking