Full House Of Cards Or Good Meechums

House Of Cards is back, and so is Dave Bunting Jr. to talk Frank Underwood, NewsRadio, and Tostitos.

Dave Bunting Jr. rejoins us for a discussion of House Of Cards‘s second season — and his sister’s headlong dash through 26 eps in four days. We determined whether Dave C. would hate upcoming BBC Robin Hood project Nottingham, went around the dial with Archer and music-biz TV, considered a NewsRadio for the Canon, and died laughing during a killer Game Time. Did the EHG shareholders take a crunchy beating? Who farted on Bob Costas’s pillow? All is revealed on this week’s Extra Hot Great, and that’s no bluff.



  • Lead Topic 🏛 House Of Cards
  • Will Dave Hate This? 🎯 Nottingham
  • Around The Dial 🎥 Amazon pilots
  • Around The Dial 😻 Crazy Hearts: Nashville
  • Around The Dial 🏹 Archer
  • The Canon 📻 NewsRadio S04.E03: Super Karate Monkey Death Car
  • Winner & Loser 👍 Rob Lowe
  • Winner & Loser 👎 Bob Costas
  • Game Time 💬 Famous Last Words