Should You Let Parish Take The Wheel?

Omar G joins us to take AMC's crime drama for a spin, plus a That Fool Canon convo and much more!

AMC’s latest prestige drama, Parish, features Giancarlo Esposito as a retired wheelman trying to do former associate Skeet Ulrich a favor, and we’re thrilled Omar Gallaga is parking it on the panel to talk about the show. Does the show do anything with 2010s crime-show cliches? Who has notes on car-chase credibility? And on a scale of one to ten plastic babies, how “Nawlins” is the show? Later, we’re going Around The Dial with Taskmaster‘s seventeenth season, Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show, and how to rewatch Boardwalk Empire; and finding out whether Tara’s Canon pitch for This Fool is worth one MEEELLION dollars. RHONY won, Tori Spelling lost, and we obeyed a VERY strict speed limit for Game Time — so buckle your seatbelt for an all-new Extra Hot Great!