Going Down Under (Navally) With NCIS: Sydney

Rolling Stone's chief TV critic Alan Sepinwall on a watertight formula, plus a Leftovers Canon entry and much more!

Our esteemed colleague Alan Sepinwall is back, mate(y)! An Australian spin-off of an already banal cop-show franchise is maybe not the best use of his time, but we talked about NCIS-franchise stock characters, unmemorable TV for aging parents, and what happens when English actors try to play ugly Americans. Later, we went Around The Dial with The Curse, The O.C., and Murder One before wondering whether God is dead during Mike’s The Leftovers Canon presentation. Alex P. Keaton won, Nickelodeon execs lost, and Game Time had us Quantum Leap-ing into TV characters — all that and more on an all-new Extra Hot Great, oh boy!