Frasier Has Not Left The Building

Andrew Cunningham's back to discuss the reboot, plus a Venture Bros. Canon pitch and a b-b-b-b-bonkers Game Time!

Appointment Television and Ars Technica’s Andrew Cunningham returns to talk about the return of Frasier, and whether it was necessary. Should the creators have taken a hint from the universe (and David Hyde Pierce)? Could the re-imagining of the beloved original have worked with a few conceptual tweaks? Would we advise you to watch it, or take Eddie for a walk instead? Later, we went Around The Dial with Shining Vale‘s second season, Home Movies, AHS: Roanoke, and updates on Devil’s Plan and House Of Usher, then pinned on our corsages for a Canon entry on a super-size episode of The Venture Bros.. JFK won, walkers lost, and points for trying was more than a metaphor in a b-b-b-b-brilliant Game Time. We’ll meet you at the copyright-compliant local tavern for an all-new Extra Hot Great!