This Week In EHG Anniversary TV History

Extra Hot Great Mark II turns 10, and travels back in time!

To celebrate the 10th (!!!) anniversary of EHG Mark II, we’re flashing back to the week of August 17-23 in historical TV listings. Our time travel takes us back to 2003 for the fourth-season finale of The Amazing Race; to 2012, for a trip to the Hamptons with Royal Pains; and to the very day of our first episode to watch Lance Reddick’s visit to NTSF: SD: SUV::. Join us as we revisit Augusts past!


  • Lead Topic 🌎 The Amazing Race S04.E13: It's Like Adam Building His First House!
  • Lead Topic 🩺 Royal Pains S04.E10: Who's Your Daddy
  • Lead Topic 🔫 NTSF:SD:SUV:: S03.E05: TGI Murder
  • Game Time ⌛️ In The Year 2013