Should You Visit Justified: City Primeval?

Kathryn VanArendonk joins us to discuss the Offwithhispants-vehicle reboot, plus a Detroiters for the Canon and a band-names Game Time!

Justified is back, and so is Kathryn VanArendonk to talk about it: vibes versus process, when you can’t replace Walton Goggins, what great villains know about themselves, and whether (…sigh) Kentucky was a character in the original. Then we went Around The Dial with The Real Housewives Of Jenna Ly– er, New York, Project Greenlight, Dennis Quaid’s Full Circle coif, and Hack My Home before Tara made the case for a second-season Detroiters episode as a Canon gem. Streaming shows won, Zaslav lost, and “band name, called it!” took on new meaning in a tube-tunes-adjacent Game Time from Rebecca. Curl up with a German Shepherd on steroids, take off that clip-on nose ring, and get comfy for an all-new Extra Hot Great.