Do The Stars Align For I'm A Virgo?

Variety's Daniel D'Addario reads the surrealist dramedy's charts, plus a Saved By The Bell-reboot Canon submission and more!

Sorry to Bother You creator Boots Riley is back with a delightful Marxist fairy-tale dramedy (…right? Let’s just go with it) on Amazon Prime, and Dan D’Addario is back in the guest chair for the first time since EHG Mark 1 to talk about it: how much overt Marxism it gets away with given where we’re watching it, the care of the world-building, Jharrel Jerome’s storytelling superpowers, and more. We went Around The Dial with Judge Steve Harvey, And Just Like That…, and McEnroe, and Mlle. Caroline was NOT a crackpot for thinking we don’t need pilot episodes anymore. After Tara crammed us all into a phone booth for her Saved By The Bell (2020) Canon presentation, Ryan Seacrest won, Will & Grace lost, and we all made sure to park wheels-in for a Bay-Area-based non-regulation Game Time. Don’t let silence happen — it’s an all-new Extra Hot Great!