Should The Old Man Get Off Your Lawn?

Dave Chen returns to help us decide, plus a Seinfeld for the Canon and TWO Tommy Westphall references!

Fill a dish with hard candies for Dave Chen, who’s back after a long absence to talk about the somewhat mysterious appeal of FX’s aging-spy-vs.-spy drama, The Old Man. Does Sarah think it needs more process-y bits? Does the excellent acting by Jeff Bridges, John Lithgow, and their younger versions make up for long nobody-talks-like-that passages of abstraction? And are Dave and Carol the real heroes? Later, we went Around The Dial with Rutherford Falls, RHONJ, and Players before Tara tried to convert us to her team with a sixth-season Seinfeld. DB Cooper won, Canada lost, and then we all wedged ourselves into a snowglobe for a Game Time from Dan Cassino. When you’re done paying for your groceries with a check, hold your ear trumpet up to an all-new Extra Hot Great.