Is The Amazing Race Still A Top Finisher?

Jessica Liese is back for TAR's 33rd season premiere, plus a Tiny Triumph for Tara, a The Letdown Canon, and more.

Resident Amazing Race expert Jessica returns to the guest chair to talk about the legendary reality show’s unique thirty-third season: how it handled an 18-month interruption, whether we expect more from its production than we do from other shows, the true-crime connection that’s somehow charming, and whom we expect to win. We went Around The Dial with the new Joe Millionaire, Married At First Sight, Letterkenny, Yellowjackets, and 9-1-1: Lone Star before celebrating a Tiny Triumph for Tara going back to March of 2021. Greg L. asked us to Pop Culture Veto TV properties before we went Down Under for Jessica’s Canon submission from The Letdown‘s first season. History won, gas lost, and we boarded a rollercoaster of series highs and lows for Game Time. The world is waiting…for this all-new Extra Hot Great.