We Couldn't Help But Wonder About And Just Like That

Fug Girls Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan return for the Sex And The City sequel, plus an X-Files Canon and 1.25x crackpottery!

Novelists and Go Fug Yourself editors Heather and Jessica are back to talk about the Sex & The City…update? reboot? whatever you call it, you can also call it And Just Like That. And you can ALSO call it “tone-deaf,” “cringey,” and “a clumsy character assassination,” as the legendary HBO sit-rom-com returns with a bunch of new characters, and one very notable absence. Is there anything to relate to here? Does the show, as it used to, still do a couple of things extremely well while being exhausting the rest of the time? And couldn’t they just have given Samantha COVID?

Later, Dan Cassino was NOT a crackpot for suggesting that many Netflix properties would benefit from a faster watch speed, and then we went Around The Dial with Love Life, Live In Front Of A Studio Audience, The Big Leap, The Monkees, and Call My Agent!.

Listener Laura hoped there wouldn’t be “Bad Blood” between her and the panel when she submitted yet another X-Files ep for the Canon. Yellowstone won, wasting the court’s time lost, and we contemplated the legendary hookups of the Big Apple in a non-regulation Game Time.

Grab a sad fascinator and have a listen to an all-new Extra Hot Great!