Sinking Into La Brea

Nick Rheinwald-Jones is back to talk about NBC's sci-fi drama La Brea, plus a Succession Canon submission, Bond docs, and more.

We’re so grateful Nick Rheinwald-Jones jumped through a green Jurassic vagina with us to watch La Brea, NBC’s latest attempt at a sci-fi dystopia — but this one involves a sinkhole in “Los Angeles,” were-dogs, and Jon Seda. Should you watch the pilot just for the dumb crappy fun of it all? Or is it too stuck in that 2006 “we can be the next Lost” mindset to be enjoyable? We definitely enjoyed going Around The Dial with Controlling Britney Spears, The Big Leap, Being James Bond, Tea With The Dames, Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, and Squid Game, and in related news, Dave was not a crackpot about flashbacks to events in the same episode. David Ellis Dickerson challenged us to pick a show bible a la the Star Trek: TOS episode “A Piece of the Action,” and base an entire future society on it, and then Nick challenged our conceptions about second episodes of series when he pitched Episode 02 of Succession for the Canon. Bergeron won, Messing lost, and the Game Time season came down to a single letter. Take a nip off that flask and tell the government about your visions: it’s an all-new Extra Hot Great!