Should You Be Doing The Most With Phoebe Robinson?

R. Eric Thomas weighs on in Doing The Most, Cybill, an Ugly Betty Canon submission, and more!

Doing The Most With Phoebe Robinson joined the ranks of “rich people hanging out with each other” shows last week, and Here For It author R. Eric Thomas joined US to talk about the 2 Dope Queens co-host’s foray into TV, including clunky animations, guest chemistry, and whether the animals in the pilot were too well-behaved. Dave was Not A Crackpot about leaving internet-based “fun” to the experts before we went Around The Dial with Kung Fu, Home Economics, Cybill, The Great Pottery Throw Down, United States Of Al, and Pennyworth. Then we studied some layouts for a first-season Ugly Betty submission before declaring a Winner and Loser and mashing up character names in Game Time. Don’t be an ass; listen to an all-new Extra Hot Great.