Did Pooch Perfect Made Us Want To Flea?

That pun is no worse than any of ABC's dog-grooming competition show's; Reality Blurred's Andy Dehnart is back to discuss it, plus a Canon petition for The Chair and more!

Reality-television expert Andy is back to talk about Pooch Perfect, and why you shouldn’t sit, stay in front of the show, including awkward hosting by Rebel Wilson, consent issues with dyeing dogs, and a total lack of narrative tension. Matters improved with Around The Dial, as we discussed Genius: Aretha, Superstore, Race To The Center Of The Earth, Tough As Nails, The Bridge, and Housewives in the age of COVID before generating a suite of new Survivor themes for Josh’s Extra Credit. After Andy tried to find Starz’s The Chair a seat in The Canon, true crime won, CBS lost, and Dan Cassino forced us to answer casting calls during Game Time. Give yourself a treat: it’s an all-new Extra Hot Great.