Coming Clean On Filthy Rich

Meredith Haggerty joins us from The Goods to talk about Fox's new televangelist soap opera!

Fox’s newest soap opera places Kim Cattrall at the head of a televangelist family that — and you’re never going to believe this — are not as polished and pious as they appear on TV. First-time guest Meredith Haggerty joins us to discuss whether this is a good use of La Cattrall’s many talents! Around The Dial takes us through Sing On!, Just Shoot Me!, and Netflix’s videogame docs-series High Score. Lauren presents the “Co-op” episode of Documentary Now! for induction into the Canon; then after naming the week’s Winner(s) and Loser(s), it’s on to a Game Time that could buy and sell you. We hope you’ll find it in your heart and in your spirit to join us!