I Know This Much Is True Is Misery Porn

We wallow in prestige despair with first-time guest Robert Krut, plus dumb TV computer tricks, a Newsradio Canon submission, and more.

We hope Bobby Krut agrees to come BACK to Extra Hot Great after putting him through the unrelenting barrage of anguish that is HBO’s latest limited series, I Know This Much Is True. Sure, the acting is good; yeah, it’s impressive that Mark Ruffalo plays twins; not one of us is planning to keep watching, because there’s never a break or a moment of levity, and even Dave’s ice-cream-fixins-bar metaphor made us sad. Our trip Around The Dial made us MAD, mostly — Tara was disgusted with Regular Heroes, Sarah was disappointed in American Experience‘s Dubya-sode, and Dave was not a crackpot about The Good Fight‘s failure to understand electricity — but at least Bobby brought in the Antenna TV Comfort Blanket roster to cheer us up. Jeff’s Extra Credit saw us rewriting well-regarded series finales with How I Met Your Mother-style bungling, before we headed to the polls for Bobby’s Canon submission, NewsRadio‘s “President” episode. Guy Fieri won (for once), Lori Loughlin lost (again), and the competition got feverish during Game Time. Give yourselves a hand for listening to an all-new Extra Hot Great!