All Canons, All The Time

Your co-hosts confer on two user Canon submissions, and one from in-house. Let's get canonical!

In this episode, we dig in on some of the Canons submitted by you, our beloved listeners! First, we consider Doug Dale’s case for Are You The One?‘s eighth-season premiere, “Come One, Come All”; Meredith confronts us with the Party Of Five episode “The Intervention”; then Tara pitches Mom‘s “Spaghetti Sauce And A Dumpster Fire.” Which — if any! — make it into our TV Hall Of Fame? Join us and find out!


  • The Canon 🏆 Are You The One S08.E01: Come One, Come All
  • The Canon 🏆 Party Of Five S03.E20: The Intervention
  • The Canon 🏆 Mom S05.E18: Spaghetti Sauce And A Dumpster Fire