The Ups And Downs Of Undone

Kevin O'Keeffe joins us to discuss Amazon's animated critical darling, plus a RHOBH Canon submission, math, and more.

Reviewers love Undone, Amazon’s half-hour rotoscoped drama about time travel and mental illness — did the panel agree? Should the show be animated, or live-action? Does it need a second season? And is this the San Antonio Kevin recognizes from his youth? We went around the dial with prestige fare like Married At First Sight, Are You The One?, and The Challenge, then Brady Renovation-ed other legendary TV exteriors for an Extra Credit before Tara shared a Tiny Triumph. Then Kevin put a legendary reality-show dinner party from the first season of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills up for the Canon. Norman Lear was a winner, Shane Gillis was a loser (and SNL got a conspiracy theory…and another one), and we tried not to count ourselves out of a very numerical Game Time. Reading (minds) is fundamental on an all-new Extra Hot Great.