Filling Our Plates With MasterChef Junior

Lindsey Weber joins us to discuss the sixth-season premiere of Fox's most adorable cooking show!

It’s time once again for Gordon Ramsay to take a break from screaming at adults and spend a few weeks gently critiquing kids: that’s right, MasterChef Junior is back for Season 6. To talk about the premiere, we welcome first-time guest Lindsey Weber of the Who Weekly podcast to talk about the half-sized hash slingers. Around The Dial takes us to Atlanta, Vanderpump Rules, Drunk History, and NightMan, before we ponder whether the series premiere of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, “Josh Just Happens To Live Here!,” should be inducted into The Canon. From there, it’s on to the week’s Winner and Loser, and to a Game Time built on Sound Foundations. Fill some ramekins with snacks and join us!