Getting Locked Up With Alias Grace

Allison Lowe Huff returns with Rob Hartmann to talk about premium TV's latest Margaret Atwood adaptation!

As yet another Margaret Atwood novel gets a TV adaptation, Allison Lowe Huff and Extra Hot Game Time impresario Rob Hartmann join us to talk about Alias Grace, Netflix/CBC’s period prison drama. Tara and Allison discuss whether Mike Rinder has become The Pierce of Leah Remini: Scientology And The Aftermath, or if Remini and her nails are already an unstoppable team without him. Around The Dial takes us to At Home With Amy Sedaris, Shetland, Stranger Things, and Pickle And Peanut(and to a mea culpa regarding recent episodes of Little House On The Podcast). We ponder whether “Missing Time” is a Nonac-worthy episode of Miami Vice, and then after naming the week’s Winner and Loser, it’s on to a Game Time that knows its worth. Curl up in your coziest cell and join us!