Blindly Watching Game Of Thrones

Old gods Nick Rheinwald-Jones and Jeff Drake join the panel to talk the Season 6 premiere, 30 Rock, and Game Tome!

As Game Of Thrones returns from hiatus, and moves beyond the books, the gang plus Jeff and Nick talked about Jon Snow, Crone Castle, and what’s next for the Starks. We went around the dial with Better Call Saul, Valleys Silicon and Happy, Houdini & Doyle, Project Runway All-Stars, and the National Enquirer before putting Angie’s 30 Rock Canon submission under a “Black Light.” Humans? Heard of ’em (they’re winners), whoever has to retitle Live With Someone and Maybe Kelly is a loser, and Rib Hurtmann changed a few things in this week’s Game Time. Don’t lose us in the tall grass; it’s an all-new Extra Hot Great.