Daredevil: The Blind Leading The Bored

Jeff Alexander returns to talk Hell's Kitchen's favorite humor-free superhero.

After David T. Cole died, then came back to life as befitting the Easter weekend, Jeff Alexander sat down with the gang to discuss the second season of Daredevil, Joe’s issues with Jon Bernthal, why a character based IN NEW YORK CITY can’t just be Irish already, and whether any of us will be back for S3. After Liv’s candy high took us through Face Off and Buntsy thumbs-upped the original Helter Skelter TV movie, we checked in with Married At First Sight: The First Year, Untucked, the Flash/Supergirl crossover, and The Real O’Neals. The Tick was a winner, the world’s first supermodel was a loser, and Tom & Dick & Harry & Jane & Kate & Mary inspired a hotly-contested Game Time — or, as Sarah’s cold would have it, “Gabe Tibe.” (Sorry about that, guys.) Did Jeff’s mid-Office submission “win” admission to the Nonac? Does Foggy need a haircut? The answers to all these questions, plus something about a bear attack, in an all-new extra-crunchy Extra Hot Great.