Burning Down The House Of Cards

Alex Zeidel joins the panel to talk presidents, drag queens, crackpots, and Vulcans.

Thanks for your patience, friends! We’re back, and we’re joined by our esteemed colleague Alex Zeidel for a discussion of House Of Cards‘s third season. Sarah’s not a crackpot for thinking TV kids need to have a seat at the dinner table, Liv’s talking scary makeup with Dave, and we’re circling the dial with Togetherness, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, obscure Nimoy, and CSI: Dawson. After considering whether Alex’s RuPaul’s Drag Race Canon submission was sickening in the right ways, we crowned a winner and a loser, and Game Time really stretched the term “working title.” Over the Underwoods? Either way, there’s something fishy about this week’s episode of Extra Hot Great.