The Case Of Sherlock's Third Season

John Ramos joins the EHG gang to talk Holmes canon, old-school Survivor, and a new Emmy category. It's elementa-Ramos-y!

As the third season of Sherlock comes to a close, we discussed the show’s fidelity to the Conan Doyle stories with our esteemed colleague John Ramos, and whether the fan service of the first episodes really served the fans. Dave explained why he’s quitting Helix, Sarah pitched a third season of The CW’s The Carrie Diaries, and we all overruled American Horror Story on its choice of Supreme, before John proposed an early Survivor merge-isode for The Canon. We deemed a cereal a winner, and a psychotherapist a loser, and realized it’s all relative during Game Time. All clues point to an excellent ep of Extra Hot Great. (“That’s what she said.”)