Ruffling Feathers With Feud: Capote vs. The Swans

Is the long-awaited second season fowl or fair?

Seven years after the first Feud season hit FX, the show returns for a second, all about Truman Capote (Tom Hollander) falling out with the fancy New York society women who made him their confidant and pet; we tell you our very hush-hush thoughts about it. Then we answer your latest Ask EHG questions on subjects including what TV watching furniture is best and which cast most needs a book club. Not Quite Winners And Losers are identified; 15 Seconds of Fame are distributed; and we close up with an Extra Credit topic on TV’s best fluffy things. Pour yourself a large cocktail (or five) and join us!

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  • Lead Topic ðŸĶĒ Feud
  • Ask EHG 🙋🏞‍♀ïļ Couch or bed?
  • Winner & Loser 👍 Hijack
  • Winner & Loser 👎 Tom Hollander
  • Winner & Loser 👍 Matthew Macfadyen and Michael Shannon
  • Winner & Loser 👎 Nic Pizzolato
  • Winner & Loser 👍 Jon Stewart
  • Winner & Loser 👎 Staffers at The Daily Show
  • 15s Of Fame 🕒 Rote speech
  • Extra Credit ðŸ§ļ The Best Fluffy Things On Television
  • Other Tags 24 Deal Or No Deal Island The Avengers The Daily Show True Detective