The Bob's Burgers Best Business Bracket

Sarah Baker and Wendy Molyneux join us to talk Belcher retail neighbors!

As fans of Bob’s Burgers know, the businesses next to Bob’s Burgers that AREN’T It’s Your Funeral Home & Crematorium tend not to hang on very long in that location. But which of the 200+ that have tried do we think could have had the best shot at success and why? With non-viewer Sarah D. Bunting sitting out the episode, we call in two legit experts: Bob’s Burgers Executive Producer Wendy Molyneux, and Bob’s Burgers repeat voice actor Sarah Baker. Which of our picks makes it all the way through our Sweet 16 bracket? Listen to find out! Sarah and Wendy then hang out to answer your latest Ask EHG questions (including some solicited specifically for them), share top 10 lists in lieu of Not Quite Winners And Losers, help give some of your fellow listeners their 15 Seconds Of Fame, and close up the episode by sharing their choices for TV’s Most Important Showbiz Phonies. Grab a latte from Grindecologist Coffee Shop and join us!

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  • Lead Topic 🍔 The Bob's Burgers Best Business Bracket
  • Ask EHG 🙋🏼‍♀️ Your Hollywood big shot Qs
  • Winner & Loser 🗓️ The Top 10 Shows Of The 1984 TV Season As Determined By Dave In 1984
  • Winner & Loser 💪🏾 The Top 10 Shows In Which Arsenio Hall Played "Himself"
  • Winner & Loser 👨🏻 The Top 10 TV Mustaches Of All Time
  • Winner & Loser 🚢 The 10 Best And Weirdest The Love Boat Guest Stars
  • 15s Of Fame 🕒 Clangers
  • Extra Credit 🤦🏻‍♂️ TV's Most Important Showbiz Phonies
  • Other Tags Bob's Burgers Frasier The Larry Sanders Show The Love Boat