Joining The Tribe

Dr. Calhoun sends us to a youthful post-apocalypse!

In the late 90s, New Zealand and the U.K. teamed up to produce The Tribe, imagining what would happen to kids after a virus killed all the world’s adults; DrCalhoun took advantage of the Forcening Pool to make us watch it, and watch it we did! Then we answer your latest questions on second screening, favorite fake ads, the worst show of 2023, and more. In lieu of Not Quite Winners And Losers, we bring you two all-new Top 10 lists. SomethingLikeMelissa uses 15 Seconds Of Fame to tell YOU about student loan consolidation. Then we close up with a Dave Forcening: the 1979 TV movie Concrete Cowboys (aka Ramblin’ Man), starring Jerry Reed, Morgan Fairchild, and a pre-fame Tom Selleck. Do your makeup and hair all crazy and join us!

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  • Forcening Pool 🦠 The Tribe
  • Ask EHG 🙋🏼‍♀️ Worst Show Of 2023
  • Winner & Loser 🛞 Top 10 Most Memorable TV Drivers
  • Winner & Loser 🚛 Top 10 Most Memorable Trucks & Vans
  • 15s Of Fame 🕒 Student Loan Forgiveness
  • Extra Credit 🤠 Extra Credit: Dave Forces Everyone To Watch The 1979 TV Movie Concrete Cowboys
  • Mini The Early Years
  • Other Tags Concrete Cowboys Saturday Night Live