Should You Try To Crack Mr. Monk's Last Case?

The compulsive detective's feature-length movie, plus zombie shows and Pac-Man!

Many years after Monk went off the air, Peacock’s getting the Bay Area band back together for a slow-starting, off-tone movie in which the titular Monk fights depression…and a basic-cable Jeff Bezos? We’ll talk about who it’s for, why they’re dragging Buntsy’s hometown into it, and more. Ask EHG addresses zombie shows, bad first impressions of good actors, toxic fandoms, and Cobra Kai theme parks, and our Not Quite Winners and Losers of the Week listed cop shows’ most notable siblings, other 2009-ending shows that need movies, and more. Finally, Sarah gave everyone the gift of bafflement when she forced everyone to watch 1982’s Christmas Comes To Pac-Land. Turn Dave’s purchases into programming and listen now!

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