Would You Rather?

You supplied imaginary choices. We searched our souls to answer.

Our lead topic this week encouraged you to send us some WEIRD scenarios and decide which we would care to choose: that’s right, it’s a spirited round of Would You Rather? For the Extra Credit segment, we pondered Diatho’s query about which songs we’d love never to hear on TV again. In between, we ran through your latest Ask EHG inquiries and named the week’s Not Quite Winners And Losers. Would You Rather listen now, or RIGHT now?

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  • Lead Topic πŸ€” Would You Rather
  • Ask EHG πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Chinese Restaurants
  • Winner & Loser πŸ‘ PokΓ©mon
  • Winner & Loser πŸ‘Ž Disney+ subscription numbers
  • Winner & Loser πŸ‘ The Great British Bake Off
  • Winner & Loser πŸ‘Ž Spectrum customers
  • Winner & Loser πŸ‘ Kendall Roy
  • Winner & Loser πŸ‘Ž Desperate Housewives
  • Extra Credit 🎢 Song Stop
  • Other Tags The Simpsons The Smurfs