Closing The File On Archer

The animated spy comedy's last season, plus one-offs and TWoP lines!

It’s not that Archer is bad as it embarks on its 14th (!) and final season; it’s that we’ve seen everything the show has to offer…or have we? Will the creators put on a final cleansing burst of crazy in the homestretch? Or do we just have too much other stuff to watch? Then it’s time to Ask EHG about merchandise we wanted to make but didn’t think would sell, who we’d dress as for Comic-Con, and favorite lines from TWoP recaps that we still use. Then it was time to praise/bury the week’s Not Quite Winners And Losers; celebrate senior citizens and transplants in your 15 Seconds Of Fame; and remember a weird TV continuation of the Starman movie from the eighties. Grab a glowing orb and a kebab skewer and have a listen!

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  • Lead Topic 🏹 Archer
  • Ask EHG 🙋🏼‍♀️ Fantasy Merch
  • Winner & Loser 👍 The Medium Of Television
  • Winner & Loser 👎 The News
  • Winner & Loser 👍 Sally Wainwright
  • Winner & Loser 👎 Mark Schwahn
  • Winner & Loser 👍 Hustlers
  • Winner & Loser 👎 The Kardashians
  • 15s Of Fame 🕒 Helping Maui
  • Extra Credit 🌠 Sarah Forces Everyone To Watch The Pilot Of The Starman TV Series!
  • Other Tags Happy Valley One Tree Hill Starman The Office (UK)