Excuse Me, Are Those Bugle Boy Jeans You’re Dying In?

Cars, jeans, local-news snuff footage, and much more.

We’re hopping in the EHG time machine! Destination: late summer of 1988, and all the NBC ads during a broadcast — mercifully absent from the YouTube reel — of Police Academy 2. We’re talking about diet deli meat, cheapskate equestrians, Fruit & Fibre IP, imitation crab, overdirected jeans ads, terrible local-news production choices around an air disaster, and the cellular integration of Bugle Boy and Bartles & Jaymes ads. You Asked EHG about who plays us in the TV movie, toaster strat, deleting shows from history, and Buc-ee’s; and Dave decided whose dream TV project would win them a sticker. We named our Not Quite Winners (sharks; Gemstones) and Losers (ET; the Marvel show everyone hates), plugged your YT channels and encouraged big tips, and talked even more about Sam Robards — and another writers’ strike from 1988 — in an Extra Credit about TV 101, a teen show ahead of its time. Car wars, racist pantyhose, and Matt LeBlanc’s screen debut in an all-new Extra EXTRA Hot Great!

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