Elevator Nutshells

Very specific and unsellable TV show pitches to save Earth.

You are on an elevator with seven TV executives from seven different networks. You must pitch them each a nutshell idea for a TV show for their network.

  1. In order to protect the integrity of the timeline you must incorporate one of the following criteria into each pitch, using each criteria only once.
    • The kid is really 48
    • Casual bear
    • The Moon is gone
    • Promotional consideration by Magic Spoon cereal
    • The title is “Dollar$” but needs a subtitle
    • Phil Collins is there for some reason
    • Pork
  2. You’ve carefully picked your elevator so you know which network executives are in there and you must make sure your genre is a good match for the network.
  3. These executives are bad at math, so you cannot employ formula pitches such as; it is A but in space or it’s B meets C for the over-90 crowd. They do need a title for each one.
  4. The world ended in 2023 when there were too many TV shows to watch so every pitch must be a bad idea. If any of us genuinely thinks your pitch is sellable, humanity dies.

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  • Lead Topic 🛗 Very Specific TV Pitches