You Must Also Remember This

The historical TV topics we'd like Karina Longworth to tackle next.

Listeners may already be familiar with Karina Longworth’s excellent podcast, You Must Remember This, but just in case Buntsy’s repeated references to its outstanding Manson’s-Hollywood mini-season DIS-couraged you from checking it out, the pod is “dedicated to exploring the secret, and/or forgotten, histories of Hollywood’s first century.” So, in addition to Manson’s Hollywood, Longworth has also done seasons on debunking the book Hollywood Babylon; Jean and Jane, about the sometimes-parallel careers of Jean Seberg and Jane Fonda; and others. Today we’re designing our ideal seasons for You Must Also Remember This: Idiot Box (or whatever we end up naming them). If such a podcast existed about ‘s television‘s first…let’s say half century, what stories and figures would we revisit in the first season? Are we going behind the scenes of a single embattled show; following the fortunes of a ubiquitous TV star (who either fell from, or couldn’t make the leap to, the silver screen); or taking a broader look at a network? Any direction was fine, but our eligible years are 1928-1978.

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