Can Orphan Black: Echoes Clone Success?

Joe Reid joins us to talk about the Orphan Black sequel, plus a Traitors-ous Canon pitch and a Game Time with connections!

The Orphan Black franchise returns to TV with Orphan Black: Echoes, and our own Joe Reid returns to talk about the sequel starring Krysten Ritter, Reed Diamond, and a whole assload of strawberry Jell-O. Is the new iteration a pale (pink) imitation of the original? Might it benefit from streaming the whole thing at once? And do its connections to the parent show only point up its weaknesses? Later, we went Around The Dial with (often justly) forgotten sitcoms of the ’90s plus The Morning Show and a minor-league 30 For 30, before Hannah schemed to win the lion’s share of a place in the Canon for a first-season The Traitors (US). Trebek won, arranged marriage lost, and we pulled some strings to play a nepo-forward Game Time. Get comfy on a living-room soundstage and listen!



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  • Lead Topic 🧬 Orphan Black: Echoes
  • Around The Dial 🫥 Forgotten '90s Sitcoms
  • Around The Dial 🌅 The Morning Show
  • Around The Dial 🥅 30 For 30
  • The Canon 🔪 The Traitors S01.E06: Suspicion And Sabotage
  • Winner & Loser 👍 Alex Trebek
  • Winner & Loser 👎 Perfect Match
  • Game Time 🤝 It's Who You Know