Should You Go For The Gold?

Allison Lowe Hoff joins us to talk about Paramount's new heist docudrama, plus My Name Is Earl for the Canon and a bonding Game Time!

Al Lowe Huff drags in a portable smelter — and Dave gets high off the fumes — for The Gold, a six-part scripted story about the 1983 Brink’s Mat robbery in the UK. We’re talking about proportions of process-iness, the class struggle in South London, and how much BAFTA-bait monologuing is too much, before we go Around The Dial with The Other Black Girl, Harry Wild, Whitstable Pearl, and Cagney & Lacey. (And Sean Connery. Don’t ask.) Then Laura unfurled HER list of reasons we should consider a My Name Is Earl episode for the Canon. Disney won, Jeremy Strong lost, and we tried to connect the TV dots in Game Time. Put your corrupt lawyer on speed-dial for an all-new Extra Hot Great.