Swiping Right On Fleishman Is In Trouble

Maris Kreizman joins us to talk about Hulu's latest lit adaptation, plus a Magicians Canon submission and a 20th-century Game Time!

Book critic and The Maris Review host Maris Kreizman is here to discuss Hulu’s glowingly reviewed adaption of Fleishman Is In Trouble, whether it works as TV given its structure as a book, and how. Is it better for people who didn’t read the book? Is the pleasure in watching what Claire Danes, Lizzy Caplan, and the former Seth Cohen do with the roles? And is Hannah the most sympathetically slappable TV tween of all time? Later, we went Around The Dial with a Married At First Sight recap, Gypsy, and Spector, and Dave was not a crackpot about titling conventions. Lynsey, Katherine, and their dog hoped they wouldn’t saw the panel in half when they submitted a third-season ep of The Magicians to the Canon. NBC won, the Chrisleys lost, and we returned to those thrilling days of yester-century for a period-piece Game Time. Get yourself a phone already — so you can listen to an all-new Extra Hot Great.